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A person, an entrepreneur in need of something special. Something new, exciting. Something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Something that shows why you are unique. You put in all the hours but did not achieve the success you clearly deserve.

You are open to change and ready to become BulletProof™

"We Support You"

We believe every person or entrepreneur should have the opportunity of becoming the successful entrepreneur that he/she always dreamed of becoming. Most of the time however it just does not work out as planned and now you need outside help. 

Let Magic happen” 

The Bulletproof Framework™

Results are predictable when you follow - The Bulletproof Framework™

"Why The Bulletproof
Framework Matters?"

As an young person or even entrepreneur many years in you have a clouded mind and distorted vision. Not because you don’t know, but because you’re exhausted or just got the wrong information

With The bulletproof methodology we fire bullets at different areas of your life and get to the core fast.” 

How It Came To Be

By sheer necessity and by learning it the hard way we had to become BulletProof ourselves. Fortunately we had the luck to be able to overcome our setbacks. These insights now serve us well and is the foundation on which the BulletProof Framework is build. Looking back we could have achieve our goals much sooner if we just had something like the BulletProof Framework to rely on. Especially when we were in dire straits.

The BulletProof Framework walks you trough building a strong and lasting personal brand.

The BulletProof Framework walks you through becoming the best version of yourself.

The BulletProof Framework walks you through all areas of your life. Only changing yourself would mean creating a gab in your live.

As said before. While others search for what they can take. A true king searches for what he can give. The BulletProof Framework teaches you this.

“The Bulletproof Framework™ Gives You THE TOOLS You Need To Maximize Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Relations. So maxout your life.

Why change?

This is how it's always done - doesn't work anymore in this world. So why does your life still does not change? There is an overkill of information and this overwhelms you. What normally happens is you start reading lots of books, follow courses, go to workshops and yet - Still nothing happens. Then you make a choice- put in even more money to really change your life and hope for the best. And Still - nothing happens. This soaks up your and everybody's time, energy and money. The end result: ” You don’t get the desired results and feel more desperate than ever. So why change?

Bulletproof Framework?

The BulletProof Framework™ paves the way!

- Develop new skills -

In order to become successful you need to develop the necessary skills. In this time and age and more then ever you have to acquire many different skills. Not per se to the deepest level, but you should have a general understanding of all the new and many aspects of doing business. The BulletProof Framework teaches you this.

- Use the right methods -

In getting from A to Z you have to be able to know when to use what method. The problem is that there are so many methods to learn. So key is what method to use in which situation? The BulletProof Framework teaches you this.

- Automate (Always) -

To achieve maximum results you have to create leverage. Automating as much as possible with easy to use tools will become the default setting in your live. The BulletProof Framework teaches you this. We share our secrets.

The BulletProof Framework Steps

Step 1

Steps to ensure a successful outcome

We start with a real one on one human talk. You can tell all about your business and we talk about many aspects of life. We record the whole conversation in an audio + video studio like – yet relaxing – setting.

Of course the people that surround you or your business team are not left out. They are as important as you. We will have a talk with the most interesting people within your surrounding or organisation. Again: a real people talk. No staged uncomfortable situation.

Yes. They should also be part of the conversation. So we hook up with your peers or your specialist team and connect them with our experts. Let the conversation begin.

Steps to ensure a successful outcome

Here we combine everything we have learned so from from your or your organisation with our field and desk research.

Within the BulletProof Methodology we are looking for things you must have overlooked. There are always new insights to gain.

We put together all conversations that were recorded on video in a inspiring video. This inspiring video should already give insight into your new life and capture some of the essence of your change.

Step 2

"It just works and save us time"

Marketing Manager at

Step 3

Steps to ensure a successful outcome

Now it’s time for the cooking process. We will let all inputs rest for a while. This so we are able to let the creative juices flow and look into the future. This is where the whole plan comes together.

We will present the outcome and an outline of what is needed to make real change happen. This is the most crucial and at the same time most counter intuitive phase of the whole Bulletproof Framework. Why? Normally this is where there is a lot of going back and forth between you and who ever you hired to change your life. And this is where 95% of all mistakes happen. Remember we talked about – meeting halfway – This is what happens when you do our job and we earlier in the process (step 1 and 2) had tried to do our job, but we had to make adjustments. This does not give the predictable results in the end you are after. So.. No changes will be made or you’re out.

Steps to ensure a successful outcome

This is the fun part. We have created our plan. Let is stern for a while, to stay objective. And now we will execute on this. This means that sometimes you will be surprised, sometimes you would not even notice that things somehow have changed, but in the end you will slowly experience a new way of working. Yes you and your(current or new) management team will get assignments of life. Not in a backward school like manner. No on your time and your convenience.

Step 4

Step 5

Steps to ensure a successful outcome

Now that we covered all parts of your business and life it’s time to set the proper continuous growth and feedback loop in place. We provide you with the necessary tools to Up Your Game and leave a long lasting impression on the market and your personal life.

Become Part of the BulletProof family

“There are three classes of people:
those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.”
-Leonardo da Vinci-

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Let's introduce how we work

Finding the Your Life's Plan is a challenge and there is no one size fits all solution. You need a winning strategy and way of working that fits you or your company so we provide three different BulletProof Framework™ Tier programs. In each program a group of carefully selected bulletproof team members will accompany you and your management team along your road to success.

Our Tiers

In each of our Bulletproof Framework™ tiers a group of carefully selected bulletproof team members will accompany you and your management team along your road to success.

Are you ready to become BulletProof?

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal.

- Guidance Pack -

1-3 weeks
  • in-depth talks (covid - proof)
  • One-on-one sessions
  • (personal)Brand-evaluation
  • Content & Markering strategy-evaluation
  • Bulletproof Framework workshops
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Frequently Asked Questions

“The BulletProof Framework is an elite program designed exclusively for “yes I’m Ready” high achievers. We know that succeeding is tough.”

We believe that there should be tangible outcomes from the BulletProof Framework
So ultimately, you will leave with four things:

  • Reclaim your success

  • Balanced life

  • Leave a legacy

  • Share your burdens

We can not help every person. That’s why you have to meet the following condition. 

  • people: You or your team should have high working standards and is dedicated to make your business a success.
  • Focus:The early bird catches the worm. There should be something we can focus and expand on. If we find this, we must be able to work on an exclusivity bases. So focus.
  • Resilient:You have to pass some of our physiological tests. Becoming BulletProof means you are a go giver. You give it your all.

You could have started ten years ago and grow your business double digits every single year. But you didn’t. How many signs on the wall do you need. So. Join now. 

Need To Know MORE About What WE Can Do For You?

You want more?

You can always extend your plan to fit your exact needs.
You can up/downgrade whenever you want.

- Beginner Pack -

1-3 weeks
  • in-depth talks (covid - proof)
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Brand-evaluation
  • Content & Markering strategy-evaluation
  • Bulletproof Framework workshops
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- Level 4 Pack -

1-3 months
  • Invite only

- VIP Pack -

  • Invite only

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